I was the match and you were the rock,

Maybe we started this fire. [x]


All bestowed their proper punishment, put in their place, robbed of your pride. That is what you humans revered as your god.. “The Truth”.


fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood | fullmetal alchemist (s1e01)
»»» in which nicole rewatches fma and creates one gifset per episode


I was just a kid that you could not forgive because it's harder 
I was just a kid and all I really wanted was my father

Guilty - Marina and the Diamonds

 Edward Elric / Fullmetal aclchemist brotherhood


P sure the Elric bros spent most of the series walking around in the same farm, picking up random rocks and screaming “PHILOSOPHER’S STONE????” 

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood scenery - 14/?